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Big Red Bucket

Beginning November 4, 2019

Starting Monday, 11/4 we will be collecting non-perishable foods to support The Good Shepherd Center for homeless woman and children. Every child will receive a grocery bag from our neighborhood Vons, we ask that you please bring it back to school with a donation for our food drive, or go 'green' and bring in a donation in your own bag. We will be out in front with the red buckets for easy drop off. We appreciate any donation.


Special thank you to Vons on National for their generosity donating the paper grocery bags.


And as always, 


Examples of needed items:

Canned meat (i.e. tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, sardines), Canned vegetables

Yams or sweet potatoes in cans

Cans of beans- any kind

Chicken Broth or canned soup

Boxed cookies

Boxed mashed potatoes


Sugar and other sweeteners

Instant Coffee, tea or hot chocolate mix

Juice and juice boxes

Cold and hot cereal, Peanut Butter

Jam and jelly

Boxed pasta, Boxed macaroni and cheese

Pasta Sauce

Mayonaise, mustard and other condiments

Nuts, raisins, and other healthy snacks

Aluminum foil, plastic wrap and baggies

Small cans with flip top (i.e. wiener and beans) that can be distributed

to those that have no access to a can opener

Rice or Rice Milk

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