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Campus campout

Saturday, September 17th from 2 pm through

Sunday, September 18th 10 am

​Welcome to the 13th Annual Castle Heights Campus Campout! This exceptionally fun and memorable event takes place on the Castle Heights campus. Campout begins at 2 pm on Saturday when the Castle Heights Avenue gate opens to all campers. Families who are staying overnight must bring their own tents, sleeping bags and other camping essentials (no stoves or open flames allowed).

Fun activities, including camp-themed arts & crafts, scavenger hunt and games will begin at 2 pm and continue throughout dinnertime. In the evening, join everyone in a “campfire” sing-a-long around 6:45 pm followed by a movie and popcorn in the Tamar Asken Amphitheater beginning around 7:45 pm After the movie, non-campers will exit and the gate will be locked for the night. Gates will reopen at 7 am on Sunday morning. Coffee, orange juice and bagels will be provided. We’ll clean up before leaving campus.

There is a flat entry fee of $28.00 per person regardless if you stay overnight or leave after the movie. Children under 2 are free. Dinner, dessert, popcorn & breakfast will be included for all campers. Dinner will be provided by Outdoor Grill. When registering, you will need to choose a main course for every camper. You are also welcome to bring your own food.

Dinner choices include:

1. 1/4 BBQ Chicken with mac n’ cheese and side salad

2. Hamburger with mac n’ cheese and side salad

3. Garden Salad with mac’n cheese and TBD

Registration will begin online August 28th and payment will be through Paypal. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, there will be a paper registration form in the office and a Campus Campout registration box. Registration will close on September 13th. There are no exceptions and there will be NO REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR.

Campus Campout should be endless fun for kids and parents alike. We hope you – the new, existing, and former Castle Heights families – will join us in all the fun this year! By the end of the event, we promise that you and your kids will be boasting the Campus Campout slogan along with us . . .

I love this school so much . . . I stayed all night!

Proceeds from Campus Campout supports Friends of Castle Heights, which fund enrichment programs, such as art, library, gardening, science, physical education, and many more. Thank you to our Campus Campout Sponsor - Tamar Asken!

If you have any questions, please contact us today.

Use of the school premises has been granted pursuant to the provisions of Sections 17400, et seq., of the Education Code of the State of California to Friends of Castle Heights from the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District. LA Unified and the Board of Education does not sponsor or take responsibility, nor does it endorse any of the activities, statements or opinions which may be expressed at this meeting/activity.

Campus Campout - Kira Rappaport
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