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Local Families

For those who live within the Castle Heights attendance area, enrollment forms for the new year are available in the school office beginning in April. More information is available in How to Apply for Your Child to Attend Castle Heights.

If you are unable to visit our school office, you may request that an enrollment packet be sent to you via email (beginning in April) by filling out this Enrollment Packet RequestThen email this Request to


Emailed enrollment packets must be printed out and dropped off (when completed), in person, to the main office.

A listing of all the documents required for registration are obtainable from this Documents Required for Registration summary sheet. Also included are detailed instructions as to which forms are or are not required for your particular enrollment situation. Please follow all of these instructions carefully as some forms which may appear not to be required, may in fact, be required. Please note that, while it is preferable for them to be submitted at the same time, some medical forms are not necessarily required to be submitted together with the initial submission of registration documents.

Please register as early as possible (i.e., before the summer recess) in order to help the school plan appropriate staffing and classroom distribution.

age eligibility

Children may enroll in Kindergarten if they will turn five years old on or before September 1. Beginning with the 2023-24 academic year and every year thereafter, children who turn 4 on or before September 1 are eligible to enroll into Transitional Kindergarten.

Please refer to this Enrollment Age Eligibility quick reference sheet to find out for which grade level your child is age eligible.

applying via Permit

If you do not live in the CHES attendance area, you may apply for a permit to attend. Available permit types are SAS, Intra-, & Inter-District Permits. Some permits (SAS and World Language Spanish program) are required to be submitted only online via For more information, please visit our Permits page.

attendance area

Do you live within CHES’s attendance area? Review the attendance area map or use the LAUSD School Finder tool.

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