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local school leadership council

about LSLC

The Local School Leadership Council at Castle Height is comprised of 12 members (based on our school size); 6 teachers (one being the Union Chair), 4 parents, one classified staff member, and Mrs. Beck as the principal.

The Local School Leadership Council has purview over the following matters:

  • Staff development

  • Student discipline guidelines and code of student conduct

  • Schedule of school activities and events

  • Guidelines for use of school equipment, including the copy machine

  • Local Budgets (IMA 4170, Lottery Funds 5381, School Determined Needs 3986, Textbook Funds 4111)

The committee is able to defer purview over any of these issues to a previously standing committee, for example they might defer professional development planning to the Instructional Leadership Team.

It is suggested that the council could expect to meet the equivalent of two one hour meetings per month. If certain responsibilities are deferred, the expected monthly meeting time might be somewhat less than this suggestion.

Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

LSLC History

The Local School Leadership Council (LSLC) program was created in 1989, in response to teacher demands for schools to have more local control.


The Council allows parent, teachers, other school staff members to contribute to planning that affects their school.


LSLC's primary purpose is to influence the budgeting of funds titled 4170, but it is also in charge of event scheduling and other areas.

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