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The information on this page is for families who live within the boundaries of LAUSD, but not within CHES’s attendance area, and who want to request a permit to attend Castle Heights.

Check the CHES attendance area or use the LAUSD School Finder tool to find out if you need a permit to attend Castle Heights Elementary. If Castle Heights is your home school, please visit our Enrollment page.

Do not rely on the permit information on this website. Be sure to download LAUSD information regarding enrollment procedures and policies and verify all information at the LAUSD website.

This page was last updated on February 16, 2017.

steps & time-frame
  1. Review the Permit Criteria (on this page) to determine if you are eligible.

  2. Complete the Intra-District Permit Application

  3. Secure approval from your home school.In most cases, this involves visiting the front office with your application to have it signed and stamped.If the home school administrator instructs you to confirm that your requested school has available permits, you can tell them that you have confirmed that Castle Heights is accepting permit applications.

  4. Turn in the completed application, with the required proof/supplemental documentation, to the Castle Heights front office for Principal Beck’s review.

  1. Castle Heights issues permits by lottery based on availability.For incoming Kindergarteners, decisions about permits are typically not made until the first week of school as Principal Kearney has to make sure there is room for all students who reside in Castle Heights attendance boundaries before granting permits.

school for advanced studies (SAS) permit

Steps & Timeframe

According to the LAUSD website, the “revised” application and submission deadlines for the 2017-2018 school year are pending approval.

The applications will be due March 1-30, 2017, and that notifications will be sent to parents the second week of May.


Student must be verified as meeting one of the following three (3) criteria:

  • Demonstrated ability in all four (4) critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in their primary language.

    • Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information, or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity.

    • Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information.

    • Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems.

    • Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to express creative ideas

  • Have national percentile scores of 85 or above on the most current standardized norm-reference tests in both

    • total reading/ELA or reading composite and

    • total math or math composite or

    • verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

  • Be identified as gifted by a LAUSD psychologist in the Intellectual, High Achievement, or Specific Academic Ability categories.

permit criteria

Child Care

  • Eligibility: a student is cared for within the Castle Heights attendance area.

  • Proof: a Child Care Affidavit completed by the childcare provider, and signed by the parent. The Affidavit is one of the pages of the permit application.

  • Restrictions: the student is not eligible to participate in the Beyond the Bell after school program so, if not enrolled in the STAR Galaxy program, the student must be picked up at dismissal.

Parent Employment

  • Eligibility: at least one parent or guardian is physically employed full-time (40 hours per week) within the Castle Heights attendance boundaries.

  • Proof:
    A copy of a recent pay stub and a letter on the employer’s stationery verifying schedule (hours and days) and location of employment;
    OR if self-employed, a copy of a valid current business license and a letter on the parent’s business stationery verifying schedule (hours and days) and location of employment

Specialized Program

  • Eligibility: to allow students access to a special program or opportunity, not including special education, not available at their home school.

  • Proof:
    Program information (brochure, factsheet, etc.)
    AND written proof of acceptance into the requested program.


  • Eligibility: can be granted at the discretion of your home school and Castle Heights for extenuating circumstances, examples of which include medical issues, transportation related hardship, parent post secondary enrollment, non-school based extra curricular activities near Castle Heights.

  • Proof: any relevant supporting documentation.

Safety and Protection

  • Eligibility: for the purpose of protection or personal welfare of a student, and may be issued:

  1. If the student’s school of residence is classified as “Persistently Dangerous” by the LAUSD Office of School Operations, or

  2. If the student is the victim of a violent criminal offense that occurred in or on the grounds of the school of attendance, or

  3. For the protection or personal welfare of the student.

  • Proof: a written statement from the parent providing specific details of the circumstances, which make the student’s assignment at the home school unsafe, e.g. discipline records, police reports, known gang affiliations, or any other information. Additional documents may be required by school officials to support the request.


  • Eligibility: for siblings of a student who is attending Castle Heights on a valid permit.

  • Proof: a copy of the sibling’s recent report card or progress report.

Continuing Enrollment

Note: continuing students must submit a permit application to Castle Heights every year, selecting continuing enrollment as the permit criteria. It is not necessary to secure approval from your home school every year.

  • Eligibility: when a student is already enrolled at Castle Heights.

  • Proof: a copy of a recent report card or progress report.

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