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intra-district permit
(from one lausd school to another)


Intra-District Permits are for families who live within the boundaries of LAUSD, but not within the Castle Heights attendance area, and who want to request this type of permit to attend Castle Heights.

If you live within the Castle Heights attendance area, then Castle Heights is your home school and no permit is needed to attend here. You may go directly to our Enrollment page.


If needed, you may find your specific home school by using the LAUSD Resident School Identifier tool and typing in your residence address.

To apply for an Intra-District Permit, please follow the instructions indicated in How to Apply for Your Child to Attend Castle Heights Elementary.

school for advanced studies (SAS) permit
To apply under this permit, applicants must meet at least one of the three eligibility criteria. The teacher and Principal of the student's current school of attendance are responsible for determining if the students meets the criteria. Students entering TK are not eligible to apply via SAS.
To apply for an SAS permit, please follow the instructions indicated within this How to Apply for your Child to Attend Castle Heights Elementary document.
More SAS information specifically relating to applying for the 2021-2022 school year is available in this document.

inter-district permit
(between lausd & another school district)


If you live outside the boundaries of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and would like to attend either our traditional English instruction program or our Spanish World Language Immersion program, you must apply for an Inter-District Permit online at Follow the instructions included in How to Apply for Your Child to Attend Castle Heights Elementary.

Please read these additional Inter-District Permits Terms and Guidelines that may apply.

Many permits (all SAS and Spanish World Immersion applicants) are required to be submitted via the Please see How to Apply for Your Child to Attend Castle Heights Elementary for more information.
Continuing Enrollment

Continuing students must submit a renewal permit application to Castle Heights every year. However, they are not required to seek any annual approvals from their home school for the rest of their elementary school career.

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