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Beginning October 2-17, 2023

FRIENDS of Castle Heights is our school’s parent-run, volunteer fundraising group committed to strengthening our community and enhancing the academic environment for all Castle Heights students. Friends of Castle Heights must raise $370,000 to keep teachers’ aides and enrichment programs at our school this year. The Dudley Drive is the largest contributor to that effort and aims to raise 80% of the total. Our goal is for every family to participate. Please join us in making it a huge success! Our fundraising goals are based on the minimum amount needed to keep the current staffing and enrichment programs.










The suggested annual donation is $1,150 per student. Families with more than one Castle Heights student are encouraged to give a multiple of that amount (e.g., for two students = $2,300/year). Please also consider supporting the drive at a higher level if you’re able to ensure these programs continue for the entire community. We have increased our ask because a $30K annual grant that we received for the past 10 years has ended. All donation levels are in our registration form. Both monthly and one-time gift options are available. Consider asking friends and family. All donations are tax-deductible.

Every family’s donation at any amount counts. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS. Our goal is 100% participation and we ask that each family give what they can. Every class with 75% participation will earn a class-wide popsicle party! Every class with 100% participation will also earn a free cookie from Zooies! Keep Castle Heights great and donate.

EMPLOYER MATCHING! If your employer has a 501(c)(3) donation matching program, you can double the size of your gift at no cost to you - simply ask your employer. We can help complete paperwork for your employer’s program, please contact us.

I’m happy to answer any questions. We appreciate your support!

Amber Hapuarachy
Chair, Dudley Donation Drive 

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Every class with 75%+ participation will earn a class-wide popsicle party!


Every class with 100% participation will also earn a free cookie gift card to Zooies!

Monthly payments via PAYPAL/CC. One-time payments via PAYPAL/CHECK/CASH.


FCH EIN # 95-3972768
Does Your Employer Match
501(c)(3) Donations?
You Could Double Your Gift!

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Donor Levels

Donor: $1,150
($115 a month for 10 months =
3 raffle entries)

Bronze: $2,300
($230 a month for 10 months =

6 raffle entries)

Silver: $3,450
($345 a month for 10 months =

9 raffle entries)

Gold: $4,600
($460 a month for 10 months =

12 raffle entries)

Other: Amount of

your Choosing

(1 raffle entry)

Dudley Donor Drive - 2022/23
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