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STAR Education has been the leader in educational after school programming and community-based cultural enrichment projects for over 25 years. STAR services more than 500 schools in 61 school districts, reaching over a million students and their families every year.

Among their most successful cultural enrichment endeavors is the RockSTAR Music Education program, which teaches kindergarten through sixth-grade students how to play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, how to compose their own songs and how to perform rock ‘n roll hits. Students form their own bands and learn musical skills, teamwork and professionalism as they embrace the power of rock.

STAR Education’s mission is to offer extended educational, recreational, and enrichment programs to students; support and enhance school curriculum; improve student achievement; and expand the cultural base of young people through innovative, quality programs offered by highly qualified instructors. Learn more.

*Due to Covid restrictions, some programs are on hold. Reach out to the contact listed for questions on the current status of a program.


Leigh Cohen | 310-678-7472


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Enrichment Programs

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Camp Programming

During school breaks, including summer, Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks, STAR offers fee-based full-day programming on the Castle Heights campus or at neighboring Canfield Elementary. Learn more.

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